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My First Groom

On April 8th we went to mums workplace and i got my first full groom.

This is me before it all starts and first recomendation is that you have to make sure there are no matts. If not it will be a lot of extra work for the groomer and can get very costly and tiresome. So if you want a groom like this please make sure there are zero matts. Dad spends time in the evenings combing me so that i can get groomed like this, thanks Dad and thank you for visiting us, enjoy 🙂

Next is a thorough wash with shampoo and conditioner
Me after they rinsed out the conditioner and dad is ready to start combing me

Here is dad combing me and making sure there are no matts on me.

Now it is time for mum to blow dry me.
Me after i have been blow dried
Now it is time start trimming off my puppy fur
Almost finished, all fluffy and nicely cut
Now it is time to get my curls back.
Finally home and super happy
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2 thoughts on “My First Groom

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Our girl is around 8.5 months and coming up on summer in ohio we feel around June 1st she should have a nice cut down. I will show this to our groomer and have them use it as a how to.
    Moon is beautiful!

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you for taking your time to check our page. have added some more info concerning pre work before the groom. That as my wife(groomer) keeps on reminding me the matts need to be taken care of in advance before the groom or you will risk that the groomer will shave down instead of scissor cutting . Sure your groomer will say the same before they set your appointment 😉 Wish you the best of luck with your girl and from what i saw she looks beautiful as well !

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